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10 Reasons to Love Lilla Rose

There are many reason’s why I love Lilla Rose, so compiling them into just 10 reasons was a little difficult.  Below are 10 of those reasons that make Lilla Rose special.

10 Reasons to Love Lilla Rose - The Radiant Sparkle

Easy to Sell

1.  We have a HUGE demographic to sell to.   Who do you know that wears their hair up with either a ponytail holder or claw?  Do you know any ladies that wears their hair up in a ponytail, bun, half-up, bangs back with a bobby pin or headband?  

You can find out more about the products in this recent blog post.

There are our customers!  Everyone that has hair is a potential customer of Lilla Rose.  We even have some men that love sporting our clips on their long hair or beards.  Truth! 


No Competition

2.  We are not like any other direct selling company out there.  We have NO competitors.  The only competition we have are the drug stores selling those plastic claws that break or rubber bands that pop.  Our durability is no match for any product found in a drug store.  Lilla Rose even has a 1 year guarantee against breakage.  Can’t say the same about the claw. 

Ground Floor Company

3.  There is plenty of room at the TOP with Lilla Rose.  We are a ground floor company with an easy to sell product.  The product itself has been around since the early 1990’s.

Lilla Rose currently has around 10,000 stylists with only 1,000 actively working the business.  Lots of room for growth!  We are honored that Lilla Rose has been named among the Top 8 best Income Opportunities in Direct Sales.  

Humble CEO

4.  Lilla Rose has a humble, caring and amazing owner/CEO who even takes the time to call and thank you.  Seriously!?  Who does that?  John Dorsey does.  I have never met any company or CEO that deeply cares about everyone who comes in contact with their business.  This is John Dorsey showing the stylists how to make flexi clips at a recent regional meeting.  

Incredible Support

5.   Lilla Rose Stylist enjoy incredible business support not only from our home office in  California, but also from all of the other stylist across the country.  It is rare in any company to have consultants/stylist truly support one another with no drama.  

I love that about Lilla Rose.  

It is not uncommon for us to team up with other stylists and work events together, share ideas, or even help another stylist customer find their favorite clip.  Really!   Lilla Rose lives by the Motto “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”  and it shows!  

Luke 6:31 "Do to others as you would have them do to you."

Flexible Income 

6.  For those that are interested in selling Lilla Rose there are many ways you can sell our products.  Many sell by doing In-home or Online Style Boutiques, They sell from their hair salons or storefronts, Some decide to sell at craft shows, farmers markets, and fairs or festivals.  

While still some ladies have had great success by just selling from their purse as ladies comment on their hair product in their hair.  We have a very easy to sell product.  

Provides Self Satisfaction

7.  One reason many stylist will tell you they joined was because of how Lilla Rose products made them feel when they first tried the product on.  In fact that is why I share the Lilla Rose product with others.  I love solving other ladies hair problems and making them feel pretty!

Many even think it can’t possibly work in their hair and are shocked when it does work.  Seeing their faces light up makes it all worth it.

Generous Compensation Plan

8.  Lilla Rose Stylist enjoy a generous compensation plan and earn up to 30-45% commission on all product sold.  Sell in person and you can make even more.  I have never seen any company be so generous with their consultants as Lilla Rose is.  

Lilla Rose Personal Commission Chart


Affordable Business

9.  Lilla Rose Stylists have a LOW start up cost and NO monthly minimums to meet!  Our kit is $125 and includes all business supplies, free website, and 16 Lilla Rose products valued  at $300.  There is even more earning potential if you decide to jump in a grow your own team.

Currently on sale for $99 till January 31, 2019.

Lilla Rose Business Kit. You get $300 worth of product for $125

No Gimmicks

10.  Lilla Rose has a flexible and no pressure business model.  Lots of ladies sign up to enjoy the 30% discount for themselves or as gifts for their friends and family.

I would love to help you pick out that perfect clip for yourself or as a gift for someone else or even help you get started with your own Lilla Rose business. 

Click Here to Join Lilla Rose

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