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How to Design a Quiz for your Direct Sale Business

How to Design a Quiz for your Direct Sale Business - The Radiant Sparkle


You've all seen them.

You're scrolling through Facebook.

One of your friends just posted their results to a quiz they just took called What dog breed are you.

You laugh and think that hilarious.  That's the breed of dog you have.

Now you click through to the quiz thinking "I wonder what my results will be".

You take the quiz and get similar results.  Now you are addicted.

Click...on to the next quiz.  Your now sucked down that same quiz maze your friend just went through.

These Quizzes are highly addictive and yet they are fun.

What if I told you that you can create the same type of addictive and fun quizzes for your direct sale business that can be a list building machine.

How awesome would that be?  Totally Awesome right?

Using the tool, Interact, you can join in on the quiz craze!

Why you should use quizzes

There are 4 main reasons why quizzes are a great tool for building your business.

  1. Grow your Email List
  2. Engage with your customers and potential customers
  3. Encourage those social shares
  4. Helps your potential customers to see if your product is a good fit for them.

How to Design a Quiz for your Direct Sale Business - The Radiant Sparkle

How to Get Started

Sign up for Interact (It's Free to sign up!)

There are short tutorials to help walk you through the process of creating your first quiz.

You can see an example of my business building quiz here.

The next step will be to customize your quiz with your brand colors and images.  Canva is what I use and it makes creating images a breeze.

Next, Customize your Questions

The program does have free templates that you can use.  I choose to create my own questions that I can customize based on the purpose of the quiz.

This will take a little work on your part.  Think of some questions about your business and/or product that you can use to engage with your audience.

You will then set the correct answers for each question that you ask.

After my quiz was all set up, I created a special offer for any one that took the quiz.  You can also hook up your email provider so that you can collect email addresses, if you choose to.

Set up your Results

The quiz I chose to create  was for personality.  My results are simple and have four results based on their answers.

I wrote up a quick paragraph for each answer and offered which styles they were best suited for.  I then linked to the Limited time offer that I planned to use.

If you are collecting email address you can also segment based on the results, so you can now send targeted emails.

Now you can embed the quiz into your website or emails.  Share directly to your Social Accounts.  Now you can share your quiz in your customer group and even use in your parties for more engagment.

The sky is the limited when it comes to designing and using quizzes.  Comment below if you are already using quizzes or you now plan too.



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