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Why you need to know how to Hide a Pinterest Image in your Blog Post

Why you need to know how to hide a pinnable image in your blog post - The Radiant SparklePinterest is a great way to promote your blog or product.  If you are not currently using Pinterest as your main way of getting traffic to your site you are totally missing out.  As a consumer what do you normally look for on Pinterest?  How to make FILL IN THE BLANK?, Easy and Quick Meal Ideas, Hairstyles for busy moms.

You get the idea.  As a marketer you should be utilizing this FREE tool to promote your business.

Why would you want to hide a Pinnable image in your blog post?

You should always strive to have at least 2-3 Pinnable images for your blog post, in my opinion.  Why?  Different images will resonate with a different group of people and it will also allow you to test out different headlines to see which one performs the best.  Plus the more images you have leading back to your blog post or product the better chance you have of it showing up in a Pinterest Search.

Now you wouldn't be able to put 2 or 3 Pinnable Images in your blog post without it becoming a distraction for your readers.

I have created a step by step for you to follow so you too can start hiding Pinterest Images in your blog post.


Step 1:  Insert your Picture or Pictures into your Blog Post.

If you are using WordPress this is the Add Media button as show below.

How to hide Pinnable Images in your Blog Post - The Radiant Sparkle


Step 2:  Add this code to your image code in the WordPress Text editor

Click on Text to switch to the html coding.  You will then want to copy and paste this code and insert before your image code.

<div style = “display:none;”>

You will then copy and past this code and add it behind your image code.


When you are finished it should look something like this.

How to hide a Pinnable Image in your blog post - The Radiant Sparkle

Step 3:  You will need to delete out the curved apostrophes

I have not been able to figure out why this happens but for some reason when you copy and paste this code in WordPress it changes the appostrophe style and that makes the code no longer work.

To correct this you will need to delete the curved apostrophes out and retype the apostrophes so they are now straight.

So delete out and retype the two apostrophes behind the equal sign and before display.  Then do the same to the apostrophe behind none.

How to hide a Pinnable Image in your blog post. - The Radiant Sparkle

Step 4:  Did it Work?

Switch back to your visual tab.  You will probably need to scroll down to where you inserted the picture.

If the code worked you shouldn't be able to see your image.

If it is now gone...You are now finished.

Tip:  If you have more than one image you can insert <div style = “display:none;”> to the beginning of the first image and then insert </div> at the end of your last image.  If done correctly this should hide all of those images.

I have hidden a pinnable image in this recent blog post

See how when you go to share buttons you can now see all of the pictures that you can now pin to Pinterest.

How to hide a Pinnable Image in your Blog Post - The Radiant Sparkle

Did you find this helpful?  I would love to hear if this worked for you.


Hide to hide a Pinnable Image in your blog post - The Radiant Sparkle


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