Lilla Rose

If someone had told me years ago that I could do my hair in only seconds and be out the door looking put-together for the day with no frustration, I would have laughed at them.

Seriously, I would have laughed so hard that I wouldn't have heard them add that it is also so comfortable that you'll forget you are even wearing it! 🙂

If you're skeptical right now, I get it. But that's only because you haven't tried a Flexi-clip in your own hair yet. 

John Dorsey, the founder of Lilla Rose,  invented an amazing hair clip that is winning over thousands of happy customers. It is a flexible (to securely fasten your hair!), one-piece (nothing to lose!), durable (made out of piano wire so will last for years!), stylish (so many pretty designs!), super-comfortable hair clip that is more like stunning jewelry for your hair than the practical life-saver it truly is.

I was like you, a busy women who didn’t have time to mess with her hair! Mornings were often rushed and full of frustration trying to get out the door for work or school!

To top it off, I have very thick, wavy to curly hair!

Straightening my hair was not an option.  My hair is so thick and curly that even straightening my hair would take an hour.  I certainly didn't have time for that! 

So then I started trying to pin my hair up in a large barrette, but found that it would not fit in my hair! I tried bending the metal to get it to fit more hair. With that method, I was able to squeeze all my hair in, but then would find that after a while it couldn’t stand the strain any longer and would just pop out!

Then I tried the plastic claw, but it was ugly and uncomfortable! And the weight of my hair was constantly breaking off the teeth, so I’d have to keep repurchasing them. Ponytail holders were out of the question, as they’d pull and give me headaches or just plain didn't fit all of my hair!

Then one day I went to a local vendor show. There I saw a booth packed full with ladies trying on some very unusual, hair-clip-thingys in all kinds of beautiful hairstyles!

I was told that there were 7 different sizes, with ones that looked that they would actually fit MY hair!

I could hardly believe it! 

She offered to try one in my hair.  Skeptical as I was, I allowed her to go ahead and try one.

It was a MIRACLE! Seriously!!! 

It FIT! It was super comfortable! It was pretty!

I could put ALL my hair up in a French Twist with just ONE clip! I could even wear my hair pulled back in a ponytail with a clip.  I can’t tell you how absolutely thrilled I was to have found this treasure! But there were other ladies there as well, ones with hair the opposite of mine…super baby-fine, slippery hair…and the flexi was working in their hair as well!!! Amazing! ONE clip would work in ALL kinds of hair!

I absolutely fell in LOVE with the flexi clip.  I immediately bought two flexi clips that day and  have been wearing them  every day ever since.

At last…my hair frustrations were over. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that my life has not been the same since.   I even ordered a couple more from her website days later before I realized that these are GOLD for so many women.  I decided to join Lilla Rose a week later,  I knew every women needed to hear about this amazing goldmine I had just discovered, and I was right!  I have never once regretted that decision.   Nothing makes you happier than to see other women who used to think that NOTHING could work in their hair, now thrilled with the amazing flexi!  It worked for them, and can absolutely work for you as well!

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Giveaway! Win Free Lilla Rose Product
Giveaway! Win Free Lilla Rose Product - The Radiant Sparkle
Giveaway! Win Free Lilla Rose Product - The Radiant Sparkle
Giveaway! Win FREE Lilla Rose Product - The Radiant Sparkle
Giveaway! Win Free Lilla Rose Product - The Radiant Sparkle