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What in the World is Lilla Rose? You’ll Love This!

What in the World is Lilla Rose? You'll Love This!

First off...No we are not Lula Roe.  We are commonly confused with the popular legging company.  In fact, we are clothing at all.  We are a Hair Accessory Company.  Up till now we have been the best kept secret.  Not many have heard of us yet, but that is quickly changing as women discover that Lilla Rose is not your average Hair Accessory.

What is Lilla Rose? 

Lilla Rose is a direct sales company founded by John Dorsey.  The company has been around since 2008 under the Lilla Rose, Inc. name.  Before that you may have heard of Flexi 8.  The Flexi 8 name has been around since around 1992.  It is the same company and same products, but it now has a new name to better reflect the direction the company is going.  Fun Tidbit:  Lilla Rose gets it's name from John Dorsey's two daughters middle names.  

All of our products come with a 90 day sizing guarantee and 1 year product warranty.  So you can always buy with confidence.  We want you happy and in the correct size.  Shipping starts at $4 and we even ship worldwide.  See our many products at

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So what does Lilla Rose offer?

Flexi Clips

We are known for our patented Flexi Clips that are flexible, durable and comfortable.  They are made out of piano wire.  The same products that guitars and pianos have.  The pin is attached, so you will not loose it.  The pin itself is made out of the same products that your household nuts and bots are made of.    I personally have accidentally washed and dried my flexi and it still came out looking brand new.  That's durability folks!  Lilla Rose Flexi Clip survived the washer and dryer.

Crazy huh?

How are they sized?

The flexi clips come in 7 sizes from the mini to the mega.  These amazing clips will work in baby fine hair all the way to very long thick hair.  They are even great for ethnic hair since they promote healthy hair and will not damage your hair.

So now you can ditch your plastic claws, barrettes, and rubberbands that are uncomfortable, constantly breaking and unsightly.  Create beautiful hairstyles in seconds when you use the flexi clip.


It really is that easy!  Flexi Clips come in hundreds of styles.  We have plain basic styles, flashy styles, and everything in between.  I'm sure you'll find some to suite your taste.  New styles come out monthly.

Lilla Rose Hair Accessories are durable, comfortable and affordable. Ditch the plastic claws, barrettes and rubberbands and protect your hair a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip.

See our Flexi Clips here


Flexi Clips aren't the only product that Lilla Rose carries.  We have a wide assortment of other products that are just as durable and come in many different colors and styles.

Bobby Pins

These bobby pins are not your grandmother's bobby pins.  These bobbies are super tough and are the most durable bobbies I have ever found.  In order to use our bobbies you have to pry them open first.  Warning:  Don't use your teeth.  I have heard of them breaking teeth.  Yip!  They are that strong.

They come with or without decorations.  We have many different metal finishes and designs to choose from.

Lilla Rose Bobby Pins are the strongest Bobbies I've ever seen. They come in plain or decorative with many styles to suite all your needs. 

See all of our Bobby Pins Here.

Hair Sticks

We also carry plain or pretty decorative hair sticks that can be worn alone or with one of our Leathers or Braided Eights.  Most sticks will come in two sizes.  Mix and Match designs for fun looks.

See all of Hair Sticks Here.

Lilla Rose Hairsticks come in many fashionable designs 


Do you get headaches for wearing hairbands?  Lots of people do.  Our hairbands are made from the same piano wire our flexi clips are made out of and they come with a adjustable strap.  This is the only hairband I can wear.  Most hairbands are uncomfortable, but you can hardly tell you are wearing one of these hairbands.  Defiantly worth a try if you or someone you know struggle with normal headbands.

The hairbands come in a wide range of beaded styles, leathers, and braided leathers.  You can wear up to 3 strands of beads on a single adjustable strap.  We also sell attachments where you can turn your headband into a necklace in a matter of seconds.  Just remove the adjustable strap and add a magnetic clasp or chain attachment.  Two products for the price of one.

See the Hairbands here.

Lilla Rose Hairbands are adjustable and comfortable. Choose from beaded or leather designs. Added bonus is you can even wear them as a necklace. Score! Lilla Rose Hairbands are adjustable and comfortable. Choose from beaded or leather designs. Added bonus is you can even wear them as a necklace. Score! 



Lilla Rose also carries decorative or plain U-Pins.  These are a fun way to wear your hair up.  With have so many styles and colors to choose from.  The geometric U-Pins deserve the spotlight too.  Give the swerve a try.  It is my absolute favorite U-Pin and works in thin or thick hair.

See all of our U-Pins here.

Lilla Rose U-Pins in a updo. Many different designs and colors to choose from.

Want to try a Lilla Rose Product?  Fill out the form below and we will help you find the correct size for you.

Join Lilla Rose

Lilla Rose has an excellent business opportunity too that not many women have heard of.  Want to learn how you can start your own hair accessory business?  Here is an article that will help answer any questions you may have.

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